Practising Transnational Politics (PATRAPO)

Practising Transnational Politics (PATRAPO) is a project led by researchers from Fulda University of Applied Sciences, Autonomous University Madrid, and Zagreb University, with the associate partner Mac Ewan University, Edmonton. The project goal is to develop open access transnational teaching kits and a handbook for online blended learning seminars that train students for the participation in United Nations Model Games (MUN). 

Based on previous experiences both in MUN and in EU projects, the partners will jointly develop, establish and implement the following elements in their universities, to be carried out in a yearly rhythm:

  • a teaching kit for preparative joint blended MUN training seminars (1st semester of each academic year) at all participating institutions, including: teaching curricula, seminar plans, material, content, explanation, organization, training video collection 
  • a teaching kit for joint blended or real life MUN (2nd semester of each academic year) including: procedure, technical solutions, organizational advice, and detailed description of “how-to” 
  • a handbook including a manual (intellectual property of the partners) and user advice for third parties for the two teaching kits. 
  • four short time staff trainings: the project is a learning system including further training for teachers. 
  • blended student mobility sustains the attendance of virtual and life MUN. 

Find more details about the MUN seminar in the winter semester 2022/2023 here.

Icon by shashank singh from the Noun Project