Fulda Centre OF Transnational Governance


  • Exchange between academia and politics
  • Opening debate 
  • Creating spaces and
    opportunities for exchange


  • Europe and the European Union
  • Democracy
  • Transnational Governance


  • Discussion events and lectures
  • Workshops
  • Model Games

The Fulda Centre of Transnational Governance (CoG) aims at the transfer between academia and political practice, building on the Anglo-Saxon academic tradition and its “Schools of Governance”. The Centre builds cooperations with experts, politicians, and representatives of international and supranational organizations as well as business enterprises, NGOs and Think Tanks – ranging from representatives of the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Hessian state representation to the EU, to foreign trade chambers and companies. 

The Fulda Centre of Transnational Governance bundles, systematises and professionalises these international collaborations and organises a programme of events and research, guest lectures and workshops by and with practitioners from transnational institutions. The international guests are integrated in teaching and research. Lectures and workshops are planned in analogue and digital formats. The activities include curricula-relevant excursions (e.g. to Brussels, Luxembourg and Berlin), guest lectures, as well as teaching and research stays (incoming and outgoing). In addition, the Centre takes care of the participation in international United Nations simulation games ("Model United Nations", MUN), directed by the project PATRAPO which will be continued and elaborated.

Icons by DaanDirk and  DinosoftLab from the Noun Project