About us

Clara Umstätter

My name is Clara, I study in my master's in "International Administration and Global Governance" at the University of Gothenburg. Hannah and I started the (N)MUN project to allow students to learn more about transnational politics, diplomacy, and international relations. Participating in a (N)MUN conference will not only provide you with an amazing set of skills like public speaking, negotiating, and resolution writing, but also let you experience how the UN really operates and how power is distributed globally. I decided to found the UN Club so that all students from all faculties will have the opportunity to make these valuable and enriching experiences and to grow (critical) awareness about our international system.

Johanna Saggel

I am Johanna Saggel and I am studying "Social Sciences with a Specialization in Intercultural Relations". I joined the UN Club Fulda because I am interested in the UN, its structure and working. I took part in different Model United Nations and want to share my knowledge and experience with other people who are interested in the UN and transnational politics.

Eftychia Lampridou

My name is Eftychia, and I studied “Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting B.A.” at the Ionian University in Corfu, Greece. Currently I am attending the master’s program “Intercultural Communication and European Studies” at Fulda University of Applied Sciences. I joined the UN Club because I had some of the greatest experiences participating at simulations and grasped the opportunity to be part of such an amazing community.

Rebecca Panameno

My name is Rebecca and I’m currently studying Social Sciences and Intercultural Relations. I have always been really interested in the current political issues, in making a change in our society and achieving equality for all. I have always thought that with hard work and a good dialogue everything could be possible. And that is one of the reasons why I joined the UN club, so I can develop debating, negotiating, public speaking and writing skills.

Sofie Flurschütz

My name is Sofie. I studied journalism in Ansbach. Currently I am attending the master’s program “Intercultural Communication and European Studies” at Fulda University of Applied Sciences. Ever since I participated in a field trip to the United Nations in New York, I have been fascinated by the organization. That's why it was clear that I would join the UN Club.

Leander Löwe

I am Leander, 24 years old and I am studying in the master’s program of Human Rights in Politics, Law, and Society. Before, I graduated with a B.A. in Political Science at the University of Bremen. Next to my master’s studies, I absolve an apprenticeship at the Cologne School of Journalism. During my internship in my bachelor's program, I spent two months in New York City at the German Mission to the United Nations. Living and working next to the headquarters impressed me deeply and sustainably. For that reason, I decided to keep the exchange and my work about the United Nations alive and to share my knowledge and experiences in diplomacy and international communication from my time abroad. Therefore I joined the Fulda UN Club.

Ramandeep Singh

My name is Ramandeep Singh and I am studying MSc. International Management since October 2019 at University of Fulda. I got to know about (N) MUN conference when I was volunteering at Youth camp in Hyderabad, India. There I decided that one day I’m gonna participate in these conferences when I saw young students debating with each other regarding different topics such as politics, diplomacy etc. I really believe that every human being is free to travel as any bird. We have made the borders and by participating in (N) MUN, we would love to talk about these topics and get the solutions in order to raise the human consciousness.